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Why are Escaparium Escape Games a better choice for your corporation? Escaparium builds all their recent games with team building in mind. This means that as opposed to most other escape games, we require for players to work together to succeed. Without communication, critical thinking and especially team work, your team will not succeed. Once the team works together to solve one puzzle, obstacle or challenge, a new one will arise which will test their skill set even further. This will forcefully bring the group closer together and provide them with a new set of skills and relationships they can bring back to the work space.

  • Team building escape game
  • Team building escape game
  • Team building escape game
  • Team building escape game

How do escape games help with teamwork and improve performance at the workspace?

Escape rooms are the only activity that forces individuals to work together mentally and physically while being incredibly fun and immersive. At first teams will fall in love with the immersing themselves in a totally realistic and immersive environment, this creates a moment of urgency and uneasiness which forces them to rely on each other for support and comfort. Once the game starts, the team will quickly realize that this is not a task they can accomplish on their own. Players will need to work together by communicating, exchanging ideas and material as well as trying to problem solve their way through mental and some physical puzzles, challenges and obstacles. All of which are essential parts of successful work environments. It is also a very good activity to help with developing leadership skills. Team work does not only mean for everyone to work together at once but also to successfully distribute tasks.

Most of our games are built in such a way that tasks must be split up or the success of the team will be in jeopardy. It is not uncommon to see leadership skills of people you would normally not expect to arise. In each of our escape rooms, we have a wide variety of puzzles that need to be solved. A different set of skills is needed throughout the game. This obliges the teams to use a wide variety of skills and in turn, a wide variety of types of people or personalities. The team will also go through ups and downs throughout the game. They will learn to deal with disappointment of missing certain aspects as well as accomplishment of solving things on their own. It will teach them to think outside of the box, the be vocal about their ideas and learn that there is no shame in giving their input as even if their input is not directly the right answer or train of thought, it can lead others to thinking outside of the box and get to everyone's common goals.

What makes us your best choice?

Our games are catered to corporate groups

We can safely say that Escaparium has some of the only games in Quebec that are catered to corporate groups and built with team building in mind. Your team will leave their experience with a better team bond and possibly a new skills set to apply at the workspace.

Amazing Experience

Some of Escaparium's games have been compared to the quality of some of the best theme parks in the world. You want your team to remember their experience and associate work with some of the best experiences they've ever had. Escaparium is the leader in Canada for the most impressive and immersive sets. A truly magical experience for your team.

Catered to your every need

Escparium caters to your every need. We can do anything from events at our locations (our most common), to on-site activites to entirely costume events. We can provide an all-in experience by providing, food, beverages, entertainment and even transportation but we can also allow you to bring your own food. Our locations have big, fully equipped conference rooms if you wish to make it an all day activity.

A fantastic team building activity

It teaches members to have a sense of acceptance of each other No matter how strong a team may be, we are all humans and we all make mistakes, which is okay! A team must learn to respect the way others think and to accept others mistakes, as mistakes are often just stepping stones to success. Our puzzles trains people to think outside of the box, but more importantly, it trains them to be bold and shout out whatever idea they could think to unlock the lock. There is no harm in trying the idea, even if it's the most outstretched idea ever. 4) It trains members to listen and respond to feedback 45 minutes may seem like a long time, but once you are inside our escape rooms, you will realize that that is not the case. Team members must learn from mistakes and listen to other teammates feedback in order to successfully escape our rooms. Listening and responding to feedback are essential skills that can be applied later on at our workplace.


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