Where can I find the picture you took?
All our pictures are posted on our Facebook page. Reviews, page likes and checking in are always very much appreciated.
How can I cancel a reservation?
Cancellations must be made by phone up to 24 hours before the actual booking.
We reserved for X people but less people showed up. Will the people who couldn't make it be refunded?
Yes. As long as the minimum amount of people required for a given room showed up, the one’s who haven’t will be refunded.
Is there a minimum age requirement?
No. However, our games were conceived for adults and teenagers. We strongly recommend that players be at least 10 years old due to the complexity of the puzzles and some of the subject matter.
Is there a discount for children?
Children 10 or under play for free. However, every eligible child must be accompanied by at least one paying entry (person over 10 years old) in order to play for free. For example, a group consisting of 2 adults and 3 children aged 10 or under will only pay the price of 3 players since 2 of the children's entries are covered by the participating adults.

It is worth noting that our games were designed first and foremost for adults/teens. Children can come along but it might be difficult for them to contribute in a significant way. Children older than 10 must pay the regular price.
Is this a good place for team building?
Yes. Our escape games are a very popular and efficient way used by companies for team building and developing better group dynamics. This is accomplished by offering many complex puzzles in which the value of individuals, and their combined efforts, really comes forth.
What if we want to be more than 6 people?
Groups of up to 8 people will be accepted under most circumstances, but be warned that enjoyability is likely to decrease. It is recommended that you split up in groups and do multiple rooms instead.
Which payment methods are accepted?
You may pay by cash, debit or credit.
Who came up with the ideas and scenarios?
All scenarios, puzzles and concepts, were designed by the Escaparium team.
Do you sell food, drinks and/or alcohol? Can we bring food and eat it here?
We offer non-alcoholic beverages but do not sell food or alochol. You may eat your own snacks in the lounge, but not in the rooms. Alcohol and being under the influence will not be tolerated.
Do you have parking?
Yes. We have many parking spots. For the centre-ville location, from Monday to Friday between 8AM-5PM, you many only use the spots labeled 'Escaparium'. After 5PM, or at any time during the week-end, all parking spots may be used (including those labeled with a different company name). It is also possible to park for free on Aberdeen street and Alexandre street. Gillespie street and Brooks street are also valid options during certain periods.
Is it necessary to make a reservation?
Making a reservation online or over the phone is strongly recommended to ensure your spot and to avoid waiting or wasting time. Escaparium is often fully booked and reservations are often made shortly before showing up.
Which language are the games?
All games are entirely bilingual (French and English).
Are you accessible by public transport?
Yes. There is a bus stop directly in front of our building. For more information, please visit the STS website.
We have reserved for 4 people but the room can accomodate 8. Will you be adding strangers to our group?
No! As soon as you book a room, it is reserved for your group only, regardless of the number of people. Unlike some of our competitors, Escaparium will never match your group with other people who want to do the same game.