Each of our themed escape rooms provides a completely immersive experience that lets participants become a part of the story with a problem to solve in only 60 minutes or less. Ready for your Escaparium Escape Game experience?
Learn more about our featured rooms below:

Chinatown Bomber

Twelve years ago you put a murderer behind bars and to this day, he has not forgotten you. You haven’t been in action since that day, but he has chosen you to be responsible for the lives of 8.4 million New Yorkers. Hidden somewhere deep in New York slums is a missile only minutes away from launching. Leaving clues behind is part of his “game”, will you beat him or will the blood of 8.4 million innocent civilians be on your hands.

* 4 to 6 Players Recommended

Tyranno Industries

Part of a mercenary squadron, you and your team are hired to infiltrate Tyranno Corp’s research island in the Philippines and get a hold of three embryos that they developed. Our intelligence informs us that Tyranno Corp might be further ahead than we antipicated and living dinosaurs might already be roaming the island. Be extremely cautious, many of these dinosaurs are extremely dangerous, get the embryos and get back to the chopper.

* 6 to 9 Players Recommended

Prison Break

You’ve been framed for a murder you didn’t commit. They’ve been trying to get a confession out of you for months now. Even though they have already sentenced you to death, you won’t break, you didn’t do it but nobody believes you. Only one hour until your execution, a familiar face walks in, only it’s not to say goodbye.

* 4 to 8 Players Recommended

The Game (16+)

You and your lawyer friends wake up with restraints on, suddenly a video comes on, “You and your vermin friends sure do enjoy playing with people’s lives every day. The countless families that were destroyed by playing with the law to get your clients out of jail time definitely pays for your BMWs and mansions. I too, enjoy playing games and this time we will be playing a game with your life at stake. The game is simple, survive for an hour and simply exit. You may lose a few limbs along the way but that’s a small price to pay to keep your precious life of yours.”

* 4 to 6 Players Recommended (Due to the subject matter, we recommend that all players be 16+ years old)

Alice and the Mad Hatter's Mad Hat's Hat

The Hatter's hat's hat is needed so that the hat of the hatter can control the hatter when wearing his hat but the hat of the hatter's hat is where the power of the hatter's hat is at. Without his hat, the hatter's hat is powerless and the hatter with or without his hat will be himself if the hatter's hat's hat is taken away. You are needed to help Alice find the hatter's hat's hat so that the hatter can be himself again...

* 3 to 6 Players Recommended

The Wizard Four and the Book of Black Arts

You are fresh out of magic school, and have been summoned by the Grand Wizard. By the time you arrive, it’s too late, the Grand Wizard and his family are missing and it’s up to you to save them from the evil sorceress.

* 4 to 8 Players Recommended

The Wizard Four and the Rise of Lord Thulsa

It has been three years since you saved Grashelle from Lord Thulsa's enchantment and have been since become some of the most powerful wizards of the land. You suddenly receive information as to Lord Thulsa's whereabouts and have to act immediately. Are you and the rest of the Wizard Four ready to confront Lord Thulsa?

* 3 to 6 Players Recommended

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Classic $33.99 Per Player
Tyranno Industries Or Alice $34.99 Per Player
The Wizard Four $36.99 Per Player.
*Players aged 15 and less receive a $8 discount when paid on arrival. ID required.*

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